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News 13 Oct 2014: This dictionary now also returns results from the Microsoft Swahili terminology list, below the regular results!

-rejea verb

1 return, come back

2 refer to

alirejea inflected verb, cl. 1 Root -rejea

1 he/she returned

2 he/she came back

3 he/she referred to

anarejea inflected verb, cl. 1 Root -rejea

1 he/she returns

2 he/she comes back

3 he/she refers to

atarejea inflected verb, cl. 1 Root -rejea

1 he/she will return

2 he/she will come back

3 he/she will refer to

kurejea infinitive Root -rejea

mlirejea inflected verb, 2p pl Root -rejea

1 you all returned

2 you all came back

3 you all referred to

mnarejea inflected verb, 2p pl Root -rejea

1 you all return

2 you all come back

3 you all refer to

mtarejea inflected verb, 2p pl Root -rejea

1 you will all return

2 you will all come back

3 you will all refer to

nilirejea inflected verb, 1p sg Root -rejea

1 I returned

2 I came back

3 I referred to

ninarejea inflected verb, 1p sg Root -rejea

1 I return

2 I come back

3 I refer to

nitarejea inflected verb, 1p sg Root -rejea

1 I will return

2 I will come back

3 I will refer to

-rejesha verb Root -rejea

send back, return, reinstate, restore, give back

tulirejea inflected verb, 1p pl Root -rejea

1 we returned

2 we came back

3 we referred to

tunarejea inflected verb, 1p pl Root -rejea

1 we return

2 we come back

3 we refer to

tutarejea inflected verb, 1p pl Root -rejea

1 we will return

2 we will come back

3 we will refer to

ulirejea inflected verb, 2p sg Root -rejea

1 you returned

2 you came back

3 you referred to

unarejea inflected verb, 2p sg Root -rejea

1 you return

2 you come back

3 you refer to

utarejea inflected verb, 2p sg Root -rejea

1 you will return

2 you will come back

3 you will refer to

walirejea inflected verb, cl. 2 Root -rejea

1 they returned

2 they came back

3 they referred to

wanarejea inflected verb, cl. 2 Root -rejea

1 they return

2 they come back

3 they refer to

watarejea inflected verb, cl. 2 Root -rejea

1 they will return

2 they will come back

3 they will refer to

Swahili noun class mini-reference:
1/2a-/wa-   7/8ki-/vi-
1/2a-/wa-   9/-i-/-
3/4u-/i-   9/10i-/zi-
3/4u-/i-   10 -/10-/zi-
5/-li-/-   9/10i-/zi-
5/6li-/ya-   11/10u-/zi-
6ya-   11/-u-
5/6li-/ya-   11/6u-/ya-
11/6u-/ya-   11/10u-/zi-
14/6u-/ya-   14u-
7/8ki-/vi-   14/6u-/ya-

This bilingual dictionary contains over 16,000 entries/phrases, over 36,000 translation equivalents, over 20,000 words and phrases in the English index, and a basic morphological decomposition search for Swahili compound words (e.g. tunaota). Related cross-references are also automatically displayed.

As of 13 October 2014, an additional over 4300 extra entries have been added to the search from the Microsoft Swahili terminology list.

This is the largest and longest-running online Swahili dictionary with any meaningful editorial quality control.

Swahili is a major language spoken in large parts of mainly East Africa, primarily as a lingua franca. The number of speakers is estimated to be between 50 million and 100 million.

This dictionary, created using TLex, has been online since May 2004, and is also the subject of lexicographic research. The dictionary‘s localization features include dynamic customization of the meta-language.

The dictionary also includes an integrated Sheng sub-lexicon - these entries are marked accordingly. You can also search the Sheng lexicon specifically by clicking here.

Corpus building: Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, David Joffe
Dictionary compilation: Sarah Hillewaert, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, Pitta Joffe
Dictionary software: David Joffe, Malcolm MacLeod, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver

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