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Whitebrowed Robin
Whitebrowed Sparrow-weaver
Whitefaced Duck
Whitefaced Owl
Whitefronted Bee-eater
Whiteheaded Vulture
White raisin
White seringa
White stinkwood
White Stork
Whitethroated Swallow
Whitewinged Widow
Wild apricot
Wild camphor bush
Wild medlar
Wild olive
Wild seringa
Wild teak
Wiretailed Swallow
Woodland Kingfisher
Wood Owl
Worm-bark false thorn
Yellowbellied Bulbul
Yellowbilled Duck
Yellowbilled Kite
Yellowbreasted Apalis
Yellow Canary
Yelloweyed Canary
Yellowfronted Tinker Barbet
Zitting Cisticola

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The data for the common bird* and tree** names in Northern Sotho were kindly provided by Prof. L.J. Louwrens.

The reference numbers between square brackets at bird names are known as Roberts numbers; the reference numbers at tree names are taken from the national tree list of South Africa.

Scientific botanical names are shown in italics.

* Louwrens, L.J. 2004. On the generic nature of common Northern Sotho bird names: a probe into the cognitive systematization of indigenous knowledge. South African Journal of African Languages 24(2): 95–117.

** Louwrens, L.J. 2001. Reduplication in Northern Sotho plant names and the cognitive salience of life forms. South African Journal of Ethnology 24(4): 147–160.

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