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Tall common corkwood
Tambourine Dove
Tawny Eagle
Tawnyflanked Prinia
Terrestrial Bulbul
Thickbilled Weaver
Thorn pear
Three-hook thorn
Threestreaked Tchagra
Transvaal beech
Transvaal milkplum
Transvaal red milkwood
Transvaal sesame-bush
Tree wisteria
Trumpeter Hornbill
Umbrella thorn
Velvet corkwood
Velvet raisin
Velvet sweetberry
Violeteared Waxbill
Wahlberg’s Eagle
Water berry
Water Dikkop
Wattled Plover
Weeping boer-bean
Weeping wattle
Whitebacked Mousebird
Whitebacked Vulture
Whitebellied Sunbird

Velvet raisin [459.1] (tree) Phalane, Moretlwa (Grewia flava)

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The data for the common bird* and tree** names in Northern Sotho were kindly provided by Prof. L.J. Louwrens.

The reference numbers between square brackets at bird names are known as Roberts numbers; the reference numbers at tree names are taken from the national tree list of South Africa.

Scientific botanical names are shown in italics.

* Louwrens, L.J. 2004. On the generic nature of common Northern Sotho bird names: a probe into the cognitive systematization of indigenous knowledge. South African Journal of African Languages 24(2): 95–117.

** Louwrens, L.J. 2001. Reduplication in Northern Sotho plant names and the cognitive salience of life forms. South African Journal of Ethnology 24(4): 147–160.

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