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Kalenjin - English Dictionary   |   Samburtaab Ng’aleekaab Kaleenchin

Install a software version of the Kalenjin - English Dictionary for use on your own computer, with powerful functionality not available in the Web version, such as Microsoft Word Integration for instant translations:

- Download the Kalenjin Dictionary (Version 1.0.0, Windows/PC)

The dictionary is fully functional, but time-limited in use until registered.
Registration costs $25

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Features and Screenshots:

Kalenjin Dictionary

• Quick startup
• Fast search
• Over 13,000 entries
• Displays related cross-references (incoming and outgoing) of the current entry
• Quickly launch Google search or Google image search for the currently selected word (with shortcut keys)
• "Linked view" automatically displays related entries on the other side of the dictionary
• (Ideal for translators and learners) Microsoft Word Integration: Instantly see the results of dictionary lookups of the word you are standing on in Microsoft Word:

Kalenjin Dictionary Microsoft Word Integration