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General information
Name: Afrikaans
Population: 5,983,426
ISO code: afr,af
Spoken in the following countries: South Africa (Official)


Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa. It is spoken in most parts of the country. There are 5,983,426 (13.35 %) first language speakers of Afrikaans [2001 census data] in South Africa.

The following characters with diacritics are used in Afrikaans:

Char. Keystroke 1Keystroke 2UnicodeChar.Keystroke 1Keystroke 2 Unicode
á Alt+0225Alt+160 00E1Á Alt+0193- 00C1
â Alt+0226Alt+131 00E2Â Alt+0194- 00C2
è Alt+0232Alt+138 00E8È Alt+0200- 00C8
é Alt+0233Alt+130 00E9É Alt+0201Alt+144 00C9
ê Alt+0234Alt+136 00EAÊ Alt+0202- 00CA
ë Alt+0235Alt+137 00EBË Alt+0203- 00CB
î Alt+0238Alt+140 00EEÎ Alt+0206- 00CE
ï Alt+0239Alt+139 00EFÏ Alt+0207- 00CF
ô Alt+0244Alt+147 00F4Ô Alt+0212- 00D4
ö Alt+0246Alt+148 00F6Ö Alt+0214Alt+153 00D6
û Alt+0251- 00FBÛ Alt+0219- 00DB

All of these characters are represented in the Windows-1252 and ISO 8859-1 character sets.

Afrikaans dictionaries

Online dictionaries / Electronic dictionaries

Afrikaans - English Microsoft Terminology New October 2014 Online searchable version of Microsoft's Afrikaans - English terminology (site not affiliated with Microsoft), published using tlTerm

Longman-HAT Language Portal "In September 2012 stel Longman-HAT sy nuwe webtuiste bekend - ’n groeiende versameling woordeboeke wat jy net hier op jou rekenaar, tablet of selfoon kan raadpleeg, pus ’n taalportaal spesiaal vir Afrikaans- en Engelsonderwysers, leerders en taalliefhebbers"

Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls Official spelling and grammar list by 'Die Afrikaanse Taalkommissie' (the Afrikaans Language Commission)

Pharos Dictionaries Online / Pharos Woordeboeke Aanlyn Over 20 titles online

WAT Aanlyn (Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal) Large multi-volume historical dictionary of Afrikaans

Online Afrikaans to English and English to Afrikaans dictionary


HAT (Verklarende Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal)
HAT (Verklarende Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal) (FF Odendal & RH Gouws).
("'n Omvattende verklarende Afrikaanse woordeboek met betekenisomskrywings")
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Afrikaans-Engels/Engels-Afrikaans Woordeboek
Afrikaans-Engels/Engels-Afrikaans Woordeboek
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Oxford Afrikaans-Engels English-Afrikaans Skoolwoordeboek School Dictionary
Oxford Afrikaans-Engels English-Afrikaans Skoolwoordeboek School Dictionary. "Designed to enable learners to write and speak effectively and competently in their additional language, this up-to-date and easy-to-use dictionary focuses on overcoming learners' most common difficulties."
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South African Oxford Multilingual Primary Dictionary (Nguni) (OUPSA)
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South African Oxford Multilingual Primary Dictionary (Sotho) (OUPSA)
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  • TRANSLATION SERVICES TshwaneDJe Language Services (Translation, Proofreading, Editing, Transcription and more, for all official South African languages and most major world languages).

Radio stations


Books / Dictionaries

Beknopte Verklarende Woordeboek
'The dictionary has been augmented with a supplement of more than 1000 new Afrikaans words and words that have not previously been included in either the Beknop or its elder sibling, the Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek.'

Aanleerderswoordeboek / Learner's Dictionary

Learn Afrikaans Online for free
"Kreatiewe platform vir Afrikaans" - promotes the Afrikaans language with articles, short stories, poetry etc.
Afrikaans jokes web site.


Afrikaans Language Interface Pack for Windows XP
A partial Afrikaans translation of Windows XP.
A non-profit organization translating various OpenSource software packages such as and the Mozilla web browser into all official South African languages. They have released isiZulu, Sesotho sa Leboa and Afrikaans versions of OpenOffice.

Die Afrikaanse Wikipedia


Google in Afrikaans

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