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Sesotho sa Leboa (Northern Sotho) - English Dictionary

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This online dictionary for Northern Sotho is compiled within the framework of Simultaneous Feedback. It is being compiled with the TshwaneLex Dictionary Production System, and is online since 22 April 2003. All rights reserved. Copying prohibited.

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• "Although this is a school dictionary, I do think that experienced language workers should make it their closest companion."
      — B. Lepota, Council on Higher Education. (3 March 2008)

• "I was so impressed by this user-friendly dictionary which gives learners detailed information about usage of words."
      — A. Nkadimeng, National Arts Council of South Africa. (30 March 2009)

• "Thanks a million for this important dictionary. South Africa needs to harness our indigenous African Languages to promote an even richer cultural and linguistic living heritage."
      — Dr. M. Ramphele, Circle Capital Ventures. (30 March 2009)

• "a work of exceptional achievement in the category of ‘school dictionary’ for which it was designed."
      — Prof. D.J. Prinsloo, in the International Journal of Lexicography 22(2): 164. (1 June 2009)